Size Chart


Mini Size Chart

Size Height Weight
0-3M 21in / 55cm 6.5-13lb / 3-6kg
3-6M 21-25in / 55-65cm 13-17.5lb / 6-8kg
6-9M 25-27in / 65-70cm 17.5-20lb / 8-9kg
9-12M 27-30in / 70-75cm 20-22lb / 9-10kg
12-18M 30-32in / 75-80cm 22-26.5lb / 10-12kg
18-24M 32-33in / 80-85cm 26.5-28.5lb / 12-13kg


Kid Size Chart

Size US Height Weight
XS 2T 33-35in / 85-90cm 26.5-28.5lb / 12-13kg
S 3T
35-39in / 90-100cm
28.5-33lb / 13-15kg
M 4T
39-41in / 100-105cm
33-37.5lb / 15-17kg
L 5T
41-44in / 105-112cm
37.5-44lb / 17-20kg



Here at Me&My, we celebrate the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Our Mini & Kids sizing chart serves as a general guideline for fit & sizing, however, some styles may differ in cut & size due to the nature of the fabric and/or manufacturer. We suggest when in doubt, always sizing up. Please feel free to message us at with any questions that you may have regarding fit and size of garments. Thank you!


Adult Size Chart

At the moment, all of our adult pieces are one-size-fits-most.  Items that are one size are designed to fit a range of different body types, and depending on the individual, items may be more fitted or oversized.